Paul (2)

About the Blindonline Administrator

Two major events took place in Paul Weingartner’s life when he was a young child. First was the development of the electroretinogram. The procedure confirmed Paul has a rare congenital retinal dysfunction that would leave him bearing the lifetime title of “legally blind.”

The other experience happened about a year later. It was a very personal encounter with the Lord. Paul was sitting in a Sunday school classroom by himself when he was given a verse, John 15:16.  You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name. [NLT]

At that moment two important truths shaped his self-image. 1) His life belonged to the Lord, and 2) His life had a purpose.

With those truths alive in his heart Paul began looking for any opportunity to serve the Lord. It was discoursing at first. Adults could not fathom the depth of sincerity and determination that drove an almost 9 year old child. The few opportunities that did exist were missed without the support of adults.  His break came when some men were packing missionary barrels for Chile. Someone discovered that this “eager to do something helpful” little boy was the right size to be dropped into empty barrels. He was able to pack the barrels from the inside and save a lot of back strain for the adults.  He was instantly hooked on ministry! His sincerity and usefulness became evident.

Since that date, Paul has taken advantage of every opportunity to serve. Leading construction crews at a camp in New York, working in Harlem with children with disabilities, assisting in an orphanage in Mexico and ministering with a church in a beach community in San Diego are a few areas served until he and his family moved to Springfield to assume the role of Director of the Center for the Blind of the Assemblies of God and US Missions National Representative for the Blind.

Paul is an AG ordained minister, married to Caryl, his partner in life and ministry. He has five children and five grandchildren.

Paul is thoroughly convinced that blindness is not exclusion from actively serving one’s Lord and Savior